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Ottawa Highland Dancing Association

OHDA Scholarship Fund

  • Wendy (MacMillan) Ewart Memorial Scholarship
  • Caitlin Stewart Memorial Scholarship
  • Application Instructions for 2017
  • Past Winners
  • Background

    • The objective of the OHDA Scholarship Fund is to promote highland dancing by rewarding individual highland dancers with a cash scholarship award. These are annual awards. The OHDA will publicly announce the winners at the OHDA's competition on April 29, 2017. The application deadline is April 22, 2017.



    • Dancer/family must be a current paid-up member of the OHDA.

    • Dancer must have danced in at least two of the OHDA's events in the preceding 12 months prior to the application deadline.

    • No restriction on place of residence.

    • Repeat winners are allowed but not in consecutive years.


    Selection Panel

    • The winners will be selected by a panel of 3 people: 2 professional (teachers) and a parent.

    • Students may apply if their teacher is on the selection panel; there are no restrictions on the Panel members evaluating their own students.


    Application & Selection Process

    • Dancers or their family may self-apply or someone may nominate on their behalf.

    • The onus for justification lies with the applicant/nominator, not the selection Panel.

    • The selection Panel is at liberty to make enquiries as it sees fit, to verify information submitted or gather additional information and the dancer/parent must agree to allow this.

    • No personal interview between candidates and the panel is planned, though the Panel may contact applicants if it wishes.

    • Selection Panel's decision is final.


    Use of Funds

    • Though it is intended and expected that the award will be used by the dancer to further their dancing, there is no obligation to account for the money. The dancer is requested to provide the OHDA a general account after the fact of how the award helped their dancing endeavours.



    • Information submitted will be kept confidential within the Panel and documents submitted to, or produced by, the Panel destroyed after the awards have been made. Applicants should make and keep their own copy if they wish to conserve the application. Some information will be extracted from the winners' profiles to make the presentation and post on the website. The OHDA will be extremely proud of the winners and will wish to make the reasons publicly known.


    Evaluation Criteria for all scholarships (in order of importance, after the primary purpose of each scholarship)

    • Commitment and desire to do highland dancing, e.g. as illustrated through hours spent whether in practice or at competitions, or obstacles (physical, financial, schedule, health etc.) that are being/have been overcome.

    • Spirit of sportsmanship and friendliness; can be supplemented by being demonstrated in other activities: Guides, other sports, church.


    Wendy (MacMillan) Ewart Memorial Scholarship

    Scholarship #1 ($500)

    • Focus is to reward success and assist future achievement of competitive highland dancers.

    • Dancer must be in Intermediate or Premier.

    • Evaluation to place weight on the dancer's actual (heavier weight) or potential success / achievement in competition. Some suggestions for documenting: list competition or championship results; gives statistics on how many medals and trophies won in career and especially more recently; provide exam and medal test results; include testimonials or comments from dance teachers (names please) which talk of skill and potential.


    Caitlin Stewart Memorial Scholarship

    Scholarship #2 ($250)

    • Focus is to recognize a dancer who exemplifies the love of dancing, fun and the enjoyment of dancing for its own sake; competitive achievement is not relevant. Some suggestions for documenting: stories and incidents; charity or demonstration shows at churches, seniors homes, Canada Day; helping other dancers; sunny & infectious personality; leading by example.

    • Dancer may be in any category from Beginner to Premier, and of any age.


    Application Instructions

    Submit Applications to

    • OHDA Scholarship Applications
      c/o Chelsea Champagne or
      13 Cedarbank Avenue,
      Ottawa Ontario K2h6e9
      postmarked, hand delivered or emailed no later than midnight, April 22, 2017.

    • For dancers who are applying for more than one scholarship, please complete one application for each scholarship and clearly indicate which scholarship each application is for.



    • Typewritten (preferably) or neatly handwritten on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Make it easy on the panel, please! The style may be complete sentences or point form, whatever communicates most clearly.
    • There is no minimum number of pages but don't go over 10 pages (it should be possible to make a good case with much fewer pages).


    Basic Data for Applicant

    • Name, home address, telephone number, email, age.

    • Dancing bio - level (Beginner etc), years dancing, OHDA member #, dates for the minimum two OHDA competitions in the last 12 months, current & past dance teacher(s).



    • Address the relevant key words for the specific scholarship:  competitive success; competitive potential; sportsmanship; friendliness; commitment; desire; passion; fun; enrichment; hours spent.

    • Address the key words by providing examples that demonstrate the qualities or actions in the applicant; give real situations that happened, explain the circumstances; what did the applicant do or say; tell who was there and saw it and can attest to it; provide references in case the panel wants to follow up something.


    Past Winners

    • Wendy (MacMillan) Ewart Memorial Scholarship

      2001 - Tara MacInnis ($500)
      2002 - Tara MacInnis ($500)
      2003 - Kristen McNaule ($350)
      2004 - Kalynda Conley ($350)
      2005 - Kayleigh Macdonald ($350)
      2006 - Kelsey Campbell ($350)
      2007 - Claire Boteler ($350)
      2008 - Sarah Jackson ($350)
      2009 - Claire Boteler ($350)
      2010 - Kelsey Campbell ($350)
      2011 - Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco ($350)
      2012 - Sydney Comeau ($350)
      2013 - Erin Lee ($350)
      2014 - Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco ($400)
      2015 - Jessica Nash ($500)
      2016 - Morgan MacDonald ($500)

    • Caitlin Stewart Memorial Scholarship

      2001 - Grace MacAlear ($250)
      2002 - Laura Novitsky ($250)
      2003 - Kristen Keane ($200)
      2004 - Chelsea Champagne ($200)
      2005 - Madison Norton ($200)
      2006 - Emily Keenan ($200)
      2007 - Lisa Manouchehri ($200)
      2008 - Claire Boteler ($200)
      2009 - Taraneh Krispil ($200)
      2010 - Sara Bruce ($200)
      2011 - Haley Yerxa ($200)
      2012 - Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco ($200)
      2013 - Madison Starnes ($200)
      2014 - Sonia Mae Jason Byerley ($225)
      2015 - Sarah Millar($250)
      2016 - Jessica Nash ($250) and runner up Caitlin Allo ($100)

    • Margaret Anderson Rowell Scholarship

      2002 - Mary Ellen Maier ($300)
      2003 - Logan Green (Scholarship 1 - $100 for Pre-Premier Dancer)
      2003 - Erin Mansfield (Scholarship 2 - $200 for Premier Dancer)
      2004 - Hope Wilson (Scholarship 1 - $100 for Pre-Premier Dancer)
      2004 - Kristen McNaule (Scholarship 2 - $200 for Premier Dancer)


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